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WinSCP is a SFTP, SCP and FTP client that runs on the Windows operating system. It can be obtained from

Using WinSCP

WinSCP provides two interfaces. The first is a typical window-based client. It also offers a Windows Explorer-style interface.

Window-Based Client (image from

Explorer-Style Client (image from

The interface style utilized is selected during WinSCP's installation. Installation instructions, including limited troubleshooting details, are available at

Connecting to a FTP/SFTP Site

The login dialog box (shown below) is used to enter the details of the site that you want to connect to. Details required include the protocol type and username and password. The port number must be specified if a non-standard port is used. A private key file can also be specified (however, this is not needed for basic FTP use).

Login Dialog (image from

Once connected to the remote server, files can simply be dragged-and-dropped between local and remote locations (window-based client) or between local explorer windows and the remote server (explorer-style client).

Additional details about connecting to a remote server can be found at

Advanced Functionality

WinSCP provides functionality beyond that included in many FTP/SFTP clients. It can, for example, automate file transfers. It also allows tasks to be scripted. Details on using this functionality can be found at

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