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Update Moodle Account Profile Settings

  1. In the Settings menu on the left side of the screen, under the My Profile Settings, click on the Edit profile link.

    • Alternatively this same menu can be reached from the Moodle Home page.

  2. From the Edit Profile page, there are 3 sections: General, User Picture, & Optional. These are detailed below.

    1. General

      1. This is where you can edit your personal information such as First and Last name, email address, City/State/Zip, and a personal description.

      2. Forum settings/preferences are also located here.

      3. Fields marked with a * are required.

    2. User Picture

      1. Set a picture for others to see on Moodle.

    3. Optional

      1. Other information such as messenger handles, phone number, & address.

      2. These are all optional and can be left blank if desired.

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