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Instructions for Installing Your Linux VM VirtualBox Image

1) Download and Install Oracle VM Virtualbox. You can find the latest version of Oracle VM Virtualbox here:

2) Download and install an ftp client… I recommend Filezilla, which can be found here:

3) Download, install and run the UND VPN software, which can be found here:

4) Using Filezilla (or your preferred ftp client), connect to the ftp server by entering into the Host field and clicking Quickconnect.

5) Navigate to the directory where you will be storing your Linux image. As indicated below, I’m using my Desktop.

6) Now drag the folder labeled LinuxMint from the right side (the server) to your computer (the left side).

This will start the file transfer (it will take a while).

7) Once the image finishes being copied, you can close Filezilla and navigate into your LinuxMint folder. You should now see a listing of files and directories like the ones below:

8) Double click on Linux Mint Lab.vbox. The VM Virtualbox manager should appear on the screen.

9) Select Linux Mint Lab on the left side of the pane and hit Start.

10) Once Linux Mint is up and running. DO NOT forget to open READ ME file on the Linux Mint Desktop, it contains your root password and other useful information.


The UND VPN has a timeout around 2 hours. If your internet connection speed leaves you with a download time near that timeout (or longer), you may get a corrupted download.

If you bring in a USB drive with AT LEAST 4.7 GB of empty space to either Mr. Kerlin (Streibel 221) or the CSci GSA (Streibel 230), we can copy the VM to your USB drive.

If you bring in a blank DVD to either Mr. Kerlin (Streibel 221) or the CSci GSA (Streibel 230), we can burn a copy of the VM to DVD for you

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