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Linux Man (Manual) Pages

The Linux Man, or Manual, Pages provide documentation on various software and concepts. To access the Man pages simply use the Linux/Shell Terminal and type the command “man” followed by what you wish to look up.

For example, the command “man man” will bring up the Man page for Man itself: . Another command “man ping” will provide information on the ping command, “man jar” will provide information on the jar command, “man emacs” will provide information on the Emacs program, and etc.

Once inside a Man page, use the arrow keys to scroll through the document, press the “H” key to bring up the Man help page, or press the “Q” key to quit back to the terminal.

A more detailed tutorial can be found @ .

For an online version of the Man pages, go to .

A Linux Tutorial created by the Local ACM Chapter is located here –>

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