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Install The UND VPN Client

The following instructions are for Windows machines. For instructions on installing the UND VPN for Mac follow this document: vpn_instructions_mac.pdf

  1. Navigate to .

  2. Select UND in the Group drop-down menu.

  3. Enter your UND User Name. This will be the same as used for logging into UND email and Campus Connection.

  4. Enter the Password associated with your UND User Name.

  5. Click [Login].

  6. Look for a pop up bar on your web browser. If asked to run Java(TM), click the option which allows Java to Run. If asked to update Java, proceed to update Java before continuing. If no pop up bar is visible, continue to the next step.

  7. Allow the AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client to install.

    1. If any Security Warning boxes appear, select the option to Run or Don't Block.

    2. An AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Downloader should appear after clearing any security warnings.

    3. A Connection Established message should appear once installation is successful.

  8. An Icon for the AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client should be located in the system tray.

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