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Download Microsoft Visual Studio (2010)

  1. Click in the Product Search bar located on the top of the page underneath the DreamSpark logo.

  2. Type Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

    • This will bring up all Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 products. For all Microsoft Visual Studio products, type Microsoft Visual Studio instead.

  3. Wait for the search to process.

  4. In the search list, locate Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional and left-click it.

    • Professional edition is the same one used in Labs 103 & 107.

  5. Click Add To Cart.

  6. Review your cart and click Check Out when finished.

    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional Edition is free for UND Computer Science Student DreamSpark logins.

    • If you would like an official Backup Disc, add that to the cart as well, however this is not free.

  7. Review the DreamSpark EULA presented.

  8. Click the I Accept button located at the bottom of the EULA.

  9. Review your Order.

    1. Enter your Last Name, First Name, & DreamSpark Email Address in the Order Information Form.

  10. Click the Proceed With Order button.

  11. A receipt of your order will be presented and a copy will be sent to the email address entered in Step 10a.

  12. Be sure to save the Product Key displayed on the receipt. Product key will be highlighted in red.

  13. Click the Start Download button located under the Order Summary and Order Information boxes.

  14. Follow the remaining instructions provided by the Get Your Software in 4 Easy Steps page.
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