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CSCI Wiki Guide

This page is a guide for new wiki users to help get acquainted with the CSCI Wiki and it's structure.

Wiki Interface

  1. Search Bar
    1. Perform a search for content within the CSci Wiki
  2. Recent Changes
    1. List of the recent changes to the CSci Wiki ordered by date and time with the newest changes on top

  3. Media Manager
    1. View the various media stored on the CSci Wiki

  4. Sitemap
    1. View all articles on the CSci Wiki in alphabetical order

  5. Breadcrumbs
    1. Lists the different CSci Wiki pages visited this session for quick access

  6. Content
    1. Content of the current CSci Wiki page

  7. Page Edit
    1. Edit the current CSci Wiki page
    2. Only Available to Administrative Users!

  8. Old Revisions
    1. Lists the different versions of the current CSci Wiki page

  9. Backlinks
    1. Lists all other articles that contain a link to the current CSci Wiki page
  10. Back To Top
    1. Return to the top of the current CSci Wiki page

  11. Table of Contents
    1. Quick links to different sections included in the current CSci Wiki page
    2. After clicking a link within the table of contents the browser URL will update. Be sure to save your favorite sections for quick reference!

  12. Back to CSci Wiki start Page
    1. Return to the CSci Wiki start page

CSci Wiki Start Page

The start page for the CSci Wiki is set up as follows:

  1. Introduction
    1. A summary of what the CSci Wiki is.
    2. Contains a few useful links and email addresses.

  2. Courses
    1. This section includes all courses offered by the Computer Science Department at UND.
    2. Split into two subsections: Undergraduate (101 - 499) & Graduate (500 - 999).

  3. Help Pages
    1. This section is for any wiki pages that are not for specific programming languages.

  4. Programming Languages
    1. This section is for any wiki pages related to programming languages.

Hub Pages

Hub pages are those that contain information on an “overall” topic. They will typically give a description of the topic and then provide multiple links to articles pertaining to that topic.

An example of a Hub page is the wiki page for Java. The Java Hub page is contains all articles related to Java programming.

Hub pages are useful for keeping track of a particular subject within computer science so be sure to save your favorite hubs!


To quickly find any article that may contain information on a topic of interest use the search function provided by this wiki.

  1. The search bar is located on the upper right corner of any page and looks like this:

  2. Key in what to search for and press the Enter key or click the magnifying glass icon within the search bar.

  3. The search page will return results relative to your search sorted first by pages with the search term in their title, followed by pages that contain the keyword within the entire article sorted by how many times the keyword was found.


Backlinks provide a list of all other articles that provide links to the current article. These are useful for finding other pages that may be related to the topic in the current article.

  1. Inside any article, click the icon on the right side menu.

  2. The proceeding page will display all articles that provide a link to the current article.

    1. Example: The below image is the backlinks page for the Microsoft Visual Studio Hub page.

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