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Configuring MySQL Workbench (UND Shell)

  1. Locate the MySQL Workbench executable () and double-click it to begin. If MySQL Workbench has not been downloaded, see the MySQL Workbench download page.

  2. If asked to Run the software, click Run.

  3. The MySQL Workbench start screen should be open and a SQL Development section should be on the left.

  4. Click New Connection.

  5. The Setup New Connection window should be open.

  6. Enter the name to use for the new connection (it can be anything).

  7. Select a Connection Method. If unsure, leave as Standard (TCP/IP).

  8. Enter the hostname and port. For UND MySQL enter Hostname: ; Port: 3306.

  9. Enter your UND MySQL username. If you do not have one, see Requesting a MySQL Account

  10. Click the Store in Vault button to save the username password. If you do not wish to do this, skip to Step 12.

  11. Enter the username password to save and click OK.

  12. Click the Test Connection button to verify the connection information is valid.

  13. If a password has not yet been saved in the vault you will be asked to enter the username password, otherwise skip to the next Step. Click the Save password in vault checkbox if you wish to save it. Click OK.

  14. Test connection will validate the connection parameters.

    1. If correct, click OK to continue.

    2. If incorrect, click OK and go back to Step 7.

  15. Click OK to save the information.

  16. The newly created connection should be saved in the SQL Development section with the name entered in Step 6.
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