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Aero Account

Aero Accounts, or Active Directory Accounts, are created for any student enrolled in a Computer Science (CSci) course with a course number greater than 119.

Aero Account information is sent to the email address that is listed as your main email address in Campus Connection. This may take up until the second week of the semester depending on when you registered for the course.

Aero Account Problems

Aero Accounts are the domain of SCC (Scientific Computing Center). The primary helpdesk for getting an Aero Account, resolving password problems, or any other questions is the Aerospace Helpdesk.

  • University of North Dakota, Clifford Hall Room 120

If your Aero Account is locked, the SCC Network Admins will need to unlock it. They can be reached at the Aerospace Helpdesk listed above, or their office in Clifford Hall Room 160.

Aerospace Helpdesk & Clifford Hall Floor 1 Map

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